Sunday, 17 July 2016

Starting a coffeeshop business may be easy but to earn profitable returns would be a difficult task. In this competitive era, in order to gain competitive advantage you need to be creative and innovative. Before executing the business plan you must work thoroughly on how you are going to attract customers to your coffee shop. Big brands have dominated the market and this fact cannot be neglected. So all you need is to be different and fair.

There are few points which will help you in starting a coffee shop business which will be a success in long run. The first important thing is advertisement. “What’s displayed is sold” is the key. Make your coffee shop visible even before its presence in the market. Plan a really big launch event; this can be done by inviting a local celebrity. Spread word of launch date with help of media like radio, newspaper. It is surely a good idea to advertise on radio before as well as after launch. Or even you can tie you with local advertising company according to your budget. A successful launch wills strong your position in the market.

Next, create your website to attract online customers. However, for making start-up coffee shop business this would be expensive and difficult task. To attain online presence Java Times Caffe can definitely help. Java Times Caffe is an online marketplace developed for shoppers as well as sellers who love coffee, chocolate, and fine bakery products. They help sellers in many different ways to differentiate them from many in the market.

You can also use banner stands to attract customers. They are cost effective and draw lot of    customers to walk inside the shop. Outside banner stores can be used to mention special offers and popular drinks whereas inside banners can provide the menu, store timings information. The point you can capitalize on is customer health conscious behavior. You can use organic ingredients to make coffee and research on new flavors.

Coffee shop should have beautiful location and comfortable interior to force people come again and again. It can also provide free Wi-Fi to attract business officials and youngsters. The quality and price too matters. Maintain superior quality and offer it at reasonable price. The taste of the drink should be consistent. Fast service and friendly environment will take your business ahead in long run. To start a new and creative coffee shop business you should follow MAYA principle:” Most Advanced Yet Acceptable”.

Going for coffee shop franchise option would be the safest option. Getting franchise of a well-known coffee brand would reduce your effort of building any brand positioning. The brand reputation and loyalty is already present. Only you need to work upon the location, space and interior and advertising of new outlet location. A location near a college, hospital, railway station or office would be a good option.
If you really want to be successful in coffee business strictly abide by the above mentioned points. Success will be all yours!

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