Thursday, 21 May 2015

Coffee Franchise Opportunities at Java Times Caffe

Coffee is a small red fruit that must go through many stages to become the tasty brown bean we all know as coffee. Most good coffee is first wet process to remove the outer skin, pulp (which is actually fermented away), and inner parchment skin. Then the inner seed, or bean, is dried and become the green coffee that is shipped and stored around the world. Green coffee is a lot like a dry pinto bean- it can be stored for a long time yet still become a fresh and aromatic food item after it is roasted or cooked.
At JavaTimesCaffe we’re always looking for opportunity to bring our hand-crafted, barista serve coffee and carefully selected food range to even more people. You can incorporate a full JavaTimesCaffe coffee shop into your production as a corporate franchisee or even take the JavaTimesCaffe brand internationally. We’re there for support, and to make sure that your regulars will always enjoy the quality coffee and stylish ambience of the authentic Coffee Shop Franchise.
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JavaTimesCaffe takes huge pride in contribution patrons a genuine coffee culture experience. Uncompromised brilliance in everything we do is the hallmark that distinguishes us from other retailers. We are experts in the manufacture and preparation of coffee, from growing the bean to delivering the perfect cup. We value consistency, both in the training we provide our employees and the care and maintenance of our equipment. By setting our standards high, we bring added value to every single cup we serve.
Most coffees at Java Times Caffe® are PICO-roasted to a precise flavor standard, rather than to a specific color. The PICO Roast creates coffees with a balanced flavor and full aromas, allowing connoisseur to distinguish flavor difference arising from the origins and quality of coffee. Because this system roasts until an optimal flavor, sour or bitter tones are never detected in the beverage. Variations in density, size, and shape and bean moisture affect the roasting; require our roast masters to have the ability to bring out the true flavors out of the coffee. The delicious taste in a cup of coffee depends on roasting accuracy and quality of the beans used. Due to the increasing sophistication of our clients, we offer a variety of Arabica coffees roasted to different degrees. The darkest roasting allows the unique aroma and flavors of the toasting to take the leading role.
Our Products which we are buying are Casa Blend ¡The dark side of the light bean! The Mexican coffee cultivated in heights takes on a new attitude when being roasted at Velvet standards. Bold and tempting, this mix awes your palette with sweetness and light tones.
There are many workshops or Coffee shop training where we can gain knowledge of coffee. The workshop includes lectures on start-up, operations and management and hands-on training in the espresso lab learning proper beverage and food preparation.
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This intensive workshop includes lectures on start-up, operations and management and hands-on training in the espresso lab learning proper beverage and food preparation. This week long full immersion style class is designed for entrepreneurs, prospective business owners, existing coffee bar owners, Java Times Caffe trainers and managers. Our students have a true passion for succeeding in specialty coffee retail, and want to develop a skill set and dedication to perfecting their craft as a Java Times Caffe.

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