Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Coffee Franchise Business with Java Times Caffe

he coffee franchise opportunity has grown in popularity, especially in the last five years. The reason? Demand is on the rise. Coffee consumption has increased dramatically over the years and specialty coffee is all the rage.
When investors see statistics like the fact that half of adults in the United States consume over 4 cups of coffee each day — it gets them excited. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know before buying a coffee franchise business.
Demand is a good indicator that investing in a coffee business is a smart financial proposition. However, there is more to it than just having demand. When somebody wants coffee, they have to choose between several different options. What will your business you invest in offer them that they can’t get anywhere else and that they want?
You have to make sure to invest in a franchise that offers a valuable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Otherwise all the demand in the world won’t help — it will be met somewhere else.
When looking for competitive advantages evaluate what other coffee businesses in your area are going after. The marketplace. For example, let’s look at the leader, Starbucks. You will probably have considerable trouble trying to compete with them for their market share.
However, who says we can’t go after another share of the market? For example, you could put up a drive through coffee franchise right across the street from Starbucks and probably be successful.
Why? Because your target market are the people who are more concerned about quickly purchasing a cup of coffee than they are about enjoying the atmosphere and personalization offered by Starbucks. That is an example of a competitive advantage.
This is one of the most important factors to evaluate before purchasing a business. In addition to demand and competition you need to educate yourself on the options available to you. This means knowing what kind of budget you have to work with and the various franchise opportunities that are available within that budget.
There are different answers for different budgets. For the small budget, you can consider a coffee kiosk. A medium-size budget may be perfect for a coffee drive through business, while a bigger budget can be used to invest in a franchise with an established brand name.
Keep these facts in mind when evaluating different possible investments in the coffee franchise business.
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