Friday, 15 August 2014

The Best Mexican Coffee Shop Java Times Caffe

Coffee shops have been big for a while now, growing and growing in popularity and taking up increasing amounts of square footage on the high street. The reasons are obvious. The instant drinks you can get at home don't taste anything like the real, barista-made deal, the atmosphere is relaxing, and it's a great way of having a cheap but pleasant catch up with a friend. For decades many of our social occasions have revolved around cafes. One of my best friends told me in a cafĂ© that she was engaged, and a few years later at the same table she told me about her pregnancy. They've hosted many of our social milestones. 

While on the high street they're still the bees knees, and perfect to take a load off when you're out and about and running between shops, or just for somewhere to hide from the rain for half an hour, for the office they've never been all that convenient. Java Times Caffe has the very old relation with traditional coffee beans; which has been absorbed directly into your breathing and eating existence. Now days, when people think about coffee, they think about the Java Times Caffe; as it becomes a hot spot not only in local but also in the global market. Therefore, it’s quite easy and convenient for consumers to share any gossips with others along with a bunch of coffee at the Java Times Caffe

There are those who prefer the stronger drinks, others the flavoured ones. There are also those who prefer their coffee hot while others prefer it cold or chilled. There is sure to have one distinct taste of coffee that will delight your taste buds and match your personality. Java Times Caffe is creating its own position with other global leaders. Due to the good strategy of the management team, extra efforts of workers make consumers much more focused. Along the shores of the beautiful Lake Victoria within Rift Valley in Kenya, coffee farmers nurture the best coffee beans producing coffee trees in the world. Graded as AA, these finest beans are usually sold during weekly auctions by Kenya's esteemed Coffee Board. 

It is noted that one factor why coffee plants produce the best coffee beans is due to the regional climate. This results to the distinctive and aromatic flavour seen in coffee cherries. If you want gourmet coffee, it is best to purchase Arabica coffee. 

The edible beans of Arabica are reported to have the best aroma and most spirit. Robusta, on the other hand, offers an Earthier olfactory taste. It has fewer flavours because it possesses more caffeine content. As compared to other types, Arabica coffee has superior flavour, being more aromatic and richer. These plants actually grow finest along higher altitude places. They cannot grow and survive within low temperatures or frost. This makes Arabica beans harder to grow, requiring a lot of attention and care. It generally grows in very high altitudes such as 3,000 feet. 

The Colombian Medellin coffee is another type which is slightly acidic, richer and full bodied. Others note it as syrupy and sweet. Competing countries for the supply of quality coffee in the international market are Brazil, Colombia, Uganda and Mexico. Although Colombia produces about 15%, Brazil takes over 20% of the worldwide production. Java Times Caffe is still not selling coffee only but it’s the name devoted to love, share and care for your special ones through the different exotic flavours      of coffee. Java times caffe operates quick services and typically located in enclosed shopping malls. Java times caffe is a world class caffes that features freshly baked cookies, baked goods, ice creams, frozen yogurt ,smoothies ,sandwiches, soups incidentals. To know more about Gourmet Coffee Franchise please visit here: -

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