Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Java times caffe Professional Procure Services

The universal availability of java times caffe   at the retail level is the strength that helps make java times caffe the very best for consumers. Now there is an opportunity to offer the same quality and brand strength to consumers through franchising. Where else can you find a fun business opportunity with a precious brand name serving products everyone loves and trusts?
Java times caffe operates quick services and typically located in enclosed shopping malls. Java times caffe is a world class caffes that features freshly baked cookies, baked goods, ice creams ,frozen yogurt ,smoothies ,sandwiches, soups incidentals.
Training-Training providing classrooms & in-stores, hands-on training is conducted for 10 days.On-site training before/during/after the grand opening, plus ongoing field services support 24/7 for life of your  business .Our successful franchisees have an entrepreneurial spirit & are extremely customer "experience" oriented. QSR experience is not required, but you must be willing to adhere to the training ,guidelines & systems provided by java times caffe . The training available at franchisee's location for 4-6 days. The operating principal & general manager must attend and complete ,to the franchisors satisfaction, an initial training program for dessert caffes.
Gourmet coffee shops- Java times caffe offers the best bussines opportunity with their Gourmet Coffee Shop franchise. These gourmet coffee shops frequenting the host location. Java times caffe have a great coffee, good food and a wonderful atmosphere. Tucked in the corner of a center but its taste makes it awesome.
Mexican Coffee Shop- Java times caffe also offers world brightest Mexican coffee shops with its delicious flavors. Its taste doesn't keep any one away , just means everyone enjoy at the tables. The great selection of food in addition to coffee makes it unique. Its Mexican theme pump the chocolate syrup that Java times caffe have.
Best Coffee Services -The Java times caffe professional procure services includes all you need to serve refreshments consistently efficiently and profitably. Java times caffe have teamed up to bring you the best quality experience available.
The coffee, hot chocolate and milk have been tested extensively with great results, by the biggest brand in coffee . Serve only the best drinks ,consistently and efficiently.
Coffee franchise opportunities-
1) Highly trained team members will assist you through every step of the franchise process.
2) Each franchisee is provided written site selection guidelines and assistance.
3) A highly structured 10-days training program was develop to provide franchisees the tools they need to be successful.
4) The very best support system in franchising .
5) Brand recognition beyond any other.
6) Layout and design of your caffe.
7) On going operational and marketing support.
8) Site selection and lease negotiation.

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